What to Sell on amazon: Guidelines for Finding Items That Sell

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To emerge the best among numerous sellers, you have to sell products that are on high demand at the same time, have less competition.

The challenging issue is finding the products that suit the above two standards. When searching through amazon, you will realize that it sells lots of distinct items and products. Both beginners and experienced sellers tend to have a hard time sorting through the wide market and discover the best items to sell.

This article gives you several guidelines that will help you to identify the best product to sell on Amazon.

3 Characteristics of Profitable Items on Amazon

The extreme popularity of Amazon as an online marketplace keeps increasing each day, particularly with the third-party sellers. To stand out and become the top sellers among the many sellers, you will have to sell products or items with unique characteristics. 

  • Items that Sell Through all Through The year

If you want to make more profit as an Amazon seller, do not sell seasonal items. With seasonal products, you will only have some sales on a specific season. The best products to sell on Amazon are the ones that people need all through the year. Ensure you source items that can get sold at any period of the year.

  • Items that Can get Upgraded

Before selecting the items to trade, look over the items of your competitors and their reviews. Ensure you highlight the bad reviews on their products. Those reviews have information about the quality of products and services buyers want and it would help you know the areas that will improve when selling your item. Moreover, you will know what pleases buyers like providing great customer services compared to what your competitors offer them.

  • Small and Less Heavy products With more than 100 Reviews

For a beginner, it is essential to select items that are small and less heavy because they can be imported easily, and it cost much less compared to heavy products. Moreover, less heavy items are the best things to sell on Amazon since they are marketable and they can get packed and shipped to the buyers effortlessly. Another significant factor you to consider is the product number of reviews. Make sure you select an item with more than 100 reviews because you will check other buyers’ comments and know if the items are worth selling.

The Types of Items that Highly Sell on Amazon

With the use of Amazon’s bestseller list, you can find the best items easily to sell on amazon

According to the Amazon listing here are the categories of items that top the sales:

  • Jewelry, Clothing, and Shoes

A smart entrepreneur will choose to sell Jewelry, Clothing, and Shoes on Amazon since it is a slot with numerous opportunities. However, you ought to know that the niche is somehow crowded. If you decided to join the niche, you need to be more smart and creative with the ability to craft a new design. To emerge as the best seller, you will have to craft and sell something different but attractive compared to the ones existing in the marketplace.items to sell on amazon Women Jewelry

  • Books

Being a book vendor is the best category, especially for a starting business. The bookselling process cannot be compared with that of selling an inflatable pool or showerhead. Books are among the best product to sell on Amazon because it has made it easy for writers to publish their book using the platform. With quality books and the right marketing strategies, you can easily make a good living using the Amazon platform.


It isn’t a must for any seller to be skilled or be an expert to search for the best Item to sell on Amazon since the platform provides all the needed information that can help you figure out items that highly sell and know the current trends of the market. You do not need to worry much because you can still sell items missing on the best sellers list and still make a good profit. Keep in mind that the elements that make an item more cost-effective entails the shipping weight, item category, competition, durability, product size, and popularity since they play a fundamental role in ensuring if a product attracts more sales. 

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