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A bad review on Amazon can cost you money. If it’s genuine constructive criticism, you can act on it and improve your product. However, not all negative reviews are of this caliber – it could be competitors trying to destroy your reputation. Luckily, an Amazon review checker can weed out these fake reviews so you can report them.

Keep on reading to find out the tools you can use to check reviews on Amazon. The sooner you act on the negative reviews, the sooner your score will increase.

What Is an Amazon Review Checker?

An Amazon review checker or fake review spotter is a program you can use to analyze Amazon reviews and generate a report containing valuable insights. These tools are important because it is extremely difficult to follow up on every review, especially if the product is popular.

How does Amazon Review Checker Work?

At the core, each and every Amazon fake review checker behaves the same way. You enter the URL for the Amazon product and run the analysis. The program will then separate the good reviews from the bad and flag the fake ones based on certain criteria.

Best Amazon Review Checkers

AMZ Reviews Tracker

fake review finder

This Amazon review checker is one that is trusted by many of the biggest sellers on Amazon because of its reliability. AMZ reviews tracker considers any review that is three stars or less to be bad and analyzes it for you with a suggestion on whether it is real or fake. You can then decide which ones to respond to or which ones to report.

Since not all bad reviews are fake, genuine and constructive bad reviews need to be responded to as soon as possible. Check for any updates on the topic. To that end, the Amazon reviews checker notifies you of any negative review immediately so you can respond right away.


fake review spot

This fake review finder is widely popular for both sellers and buyers. This is probably because of its ease-of-use and speed at which it delivers results. Fakespot was built with the intention of spotting fake reviews. Sellers can use this to report fabricated reviews and fix their product ratings.

Buyers use this too to see if there is any legitimacy to the negative reviews a product is getting. So if a potential customer uses this tool and finds that most of your negative reviews are fake, it can work in your favor.


fake review spot

As a seller, paying attention to what your customers are saying is vital to the success of your product. This review checker Amazon gives you valuable insights into every negative review and provides you with intelligent ways to respond to the feedback. This makes sure that you respond in a satisfactory manner.

While this Amazon review checker can definitely function as a fake review finder, you’d be wise to take advantage of this intelligent response feature. So as soon as it notifies you on any bad or mediocre review that is legit, see it as a chance to redeem yourself.

Final Thoughts

With bad reviews on Amazon, you can either report them or respond to them in order to improve your rating. But you need to know which ones are worth responding to, as others might be fake. So if you want to know how to check Amazon reviews to separate the real from the fake, try any one of the fake review checkers mentioned above.


How do I know if an Amazon review is legit?

There many ways to check if an Amazon review is legit, such as verified purchase status, digging deeper into the user’s profile or checking for good grammar. But the fastest way to check reviews Amazon for authenticity is to use an Amazon review checker.

Are Amazon reviews reliable?

There is no clear answer as to the reliability of Amazon reviews. Some sellers pay for good reviews and competitors pay people to post bed reviews. In fact, there is an entire booming industry for this sort of thing. However, Amazon has implemented complex algorithms that are increasingly becoming adept at spotting fake reviews (good or bad).

Does Amazon have fake reviews?

Yes – just like any other place that allows people to leave reviews. The best way to spot a fake review on Amazon is to use an Amazon Review Checker.

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